Our Borehole Magnet is purposefully crafted to recover broken drill bits and ferrous objects from boreholes with precision and efficiency. Combining high-strength NdFeB magnetic material for superior lifting capacity with PVC non-magnetic sides and guides, it ensures seamless access and insertion into boreholes.

Maintaining boreholes and pumps is crucial for maximizing returns on investment and ensuring the longevity of private water supply systems. Environmental concerns, particularly groundwater contamination, underscore the importance of effective maintenance practices. Heavy metals, known for their toxicity even at low concentrations, pose significant health risks, as evidenced by cases like the Surulere study on heavy metal contamination of groundwater.

Product Features: Additionally, our Borehole Magnet can be customized to meet specific requirements, with diameters ranging from 80mm to 200mm.

Product Description:

  • Diameter: 130mm
  • Height: 220mm
  • Magnet Type: 3 Neodymium/Rare Earth magnets: 50 x 50 x 15mm
  • Pulling Force: 75 kg

Used For: This versatile tool finds application in various industries and settings, including cleaning and servicing, borehole drilling, installations, maintenance, and pump repairs. It serves diverse sectors, from agriculture and healthcare to hospitality, beverage production, and public utilities.

With its robust design and reliable performance, our Borehole Magnet is a valuable asset for ensuring efficient borehole operations and safeguarding water quality across different sectors.