D6 Thread Magnet

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Thread Magnet 6×20 NdFeB

Pulling force to steel approximately 1kg.
Exposed magnetic surface area 6mm and height of casing 20mm.

Great for fishing for lost objects down narrow spaces, or using with a hook to keep unwanted cables off the ground, hanging of smaller objects etc.

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Neodymium D6
Thread Magnet

Thread Magnet Magnetisation


Magnet Grade N42
Magnet Type Neodymium
Shape Cylinder
D – Diameter 6mm
T -Thread 4mm
Height 20mm
Direction of Magnetisation Axial (Parallel To Height)
Coating Stainless Steel
Pull Force Magnet to a Steel Plate 1Kg
Weight Approx 6g
Maximum Working Temperature 80°C
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D6 Thread Magnet

Magnets with a threaded hole are extremely versatile and can be used in hanging and holding applications, as well as in recovery and retrieval. Dependant on the application, users can screw into magnets with a threaded hole with a screw fixing, hook, or eyebolt, to create a magnetic fixing point.

Our N42 magnet is housed in a steel casing with a female threaded hole of 4mm in this case. Also known as deep pot magnets – these magnets have a high magnetic pull force because the magnetism inside the steel cylinder are focused toward the holding surface. Due to the steel casing the sides of the magnet prevents magnetic pull from the sides of the magnet, therefore allowing for the magnet to smoothly enter into narrow spaces.


  • Inspection Equipment
  • Shafts
  • Drains

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