Ferrite Disc Magnet 18x5mm

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Ferrite Disc Magnet 18x5mm – A premium quality magnet, durable, this magnets magnetism will last for years. Resistant to demagnetization, corrosion and oxidation. Easy to use and for a variety of applications where magnetic power is not the priority.

The first choice for craft projects, Photo magnets, White board magnets and hobby projects.

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Ferrite Disc Magnet 18X5mm Technical Specifications



Direction of Magnetization

Ferrite Disc 18x5mm

Magnet Type Ferrite
Grade Y30BH
Shape Disc
Diameter 18mm
Height 5mm
Direction of Magnetization Axial
Coating None
Approximate Pull Force 500g
Approximate Displacement Force 105g
Weight Approx 6g
Maximum Working Temperature 250°C


Ferrite magnets, also known as ceramic magnets, have been used in various applications, over several decades, such as, loudspeaker, motor, and generators industries, as a nonmetallic type permanent magnetic material, ferrite magnets are utilising Fe2O3, BaO or SrO as raw material and then manufactured through ceramics process, thus can be classified to isotropic type and anisotropic type.
With its maximum operating temperature of 250 degrees Celsius also has superior corrosion resistance.
The various sizes and shapes makes this range very versatile, being milder in strength to the neodymium range and having a more manageable pulling force gives the user a softer easier alternative.

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Also known as Ceramic magnets, Ferrite Magnets are dark grey, hard and brittle.


Ceramic magnets also known as Ferrite, magnets are still one of the most widely used magnets in the world today. Our Ferrite Disc 18x5mm is a popular choice  among Crafters, Hobbyists and Model Builders, to mention a few.
Due to their great endurance and affordability, these magnets prove extremely popular for high volume jobs.

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