Forklift Sweeper

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The Forklift Sweeper is ideal for picking up metal debris on large farms, at construction sites, manufacturing facilities, industrial site roads and yards, at site remediation activities, mining sites and roads, equestrian facilities and at landfills. It can also be used to clean up metal debris from crushed recycled concrete, and disaster recovery clean-up activities and post event clean ups. Many of these types of sites have a very real need to eliminate and prevent flat tires on vehicles. The cost, interruptions, and delays that flat tires cause create the need for the use of a magnetic sweeper. However, metal debris can also be the root cause of injuries and accidents for both humans and animals at these sites. The Forklift Sweeper was designed specifically to pick up and remove debris such as scrap metal, nails, screws, wire, discarded pieces of metal from fabrication activities, bolts, nuts, pins, screw drivers, wrenches, metal strapping, etc. The magnet is easily attached to the forklift by means of chains which allows for greater adjustability.



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