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Magnetic Spheres Gold Coated Bulk

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Magnetic Spheres Gold Coated Bulk Pack

Fidget Toy, Gadget, Desk Ornament – the uses are diverse and unlimited as are the range of people and ages that enjoy these Neodymium Magnetic Spheres. Satisfying and relaxing to use and play with.

Mesmerising Magnets

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Magnetic Spheres Gold Coated Bulk




Magnet Type Neodymium
Shape Sphere
Diameter 5mm
Quantity 100
Height 6mm
Material NdFeB
Coating Chrome Plated
Strength Approx 360 g
Weight Approx 0.5g
Maximum Working Temperature 80°C
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Magnetic Fun All The Way

Magnetic Spheres GoldCoated Bulk Pack……Magnet Magic at its best!!!
More often than not, bought to add to a collection of these very popular, super strong Neodymium Magnetic Spheres.

These magnets provide infinite entertainment and ideas for your creativity, have a look here. As already stated, the fun is endless, magnetic play adds much needed diversity in our digital world. A solid tactile and engaging “toy” – that combines the imagination and physics. Introducing through recreation the science of magnets and magnetism. With household objects, children can figure out which metals and objects are magnetic and how magnetism affects things around us.

Not just for older children. Fans of magnets find these spheres mesmerising and the start is the very first pack. Fidget Toy, Gadget, Desk Ornament – the uses are diverse and unlimited as are the range of people and ages that enjoy them.

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Important Information To Be Aware Using Magnetic Spheres Gold Coated Bulk Pack:

  • The advised age is over 10 years old to use this product.
  • Magnetic Spheres are strong magnets for that reason CANNOT be swallowed.
  • Be careful of putting these magnets close to electronics, including pacemakers and credit cards.

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Gold, Silver


Container, Vacuum Pack


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