Neodymium Disc Magnet 10×1.5mm

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Neodymium 10×1.5mm Disc Magnet is a very popular size magnet. Ideal for Displays and Packaging. As well as crafts, Hobby and model making. Also used furniture applications and apparel accessories. Its high resistance to demagnetisation is ideal for creating a shock absorbing when used to repel other magnets.

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Neodymium Disc Magnet 10×1.5mm Technical Specifications

Direction of Magnetization




Magnet Type Neodymium
Grade N42
Shape Disc
Diameter 10mm
Height 1.5mm
Direction of Magnetization Axial
Coating Nickel Plated
Pull Force 1.2 Kg
Weight Approx 1 piece 1.2 g
Maximum Working Temperature 80°C











Permanent magnet – Permanent Power

Our Neodymium Disc Grade N42 Magnets are super popular because, firstly they are just the best all round magnets. Their power, obviously, their grade N42 – being the perfect balance of power needed from our customers, their high resistance to demagnetisation, as well their life span. Neodymium Magnets retain their magnetism for hundreds of years – How amazing?!

Last but not least, its the versatility of these magnets that make them so sought after. Suitable for all sorts of projects -  in the workshop, warehouse, classroom and projects or studio.


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Neodymium magnets , Also known as super magnets, likewise known as Rare Earth or Permanent magnets. These magnets are available in many different sizes, shapes and strengths. As small as this Neodymium Disc Magnet 10×1.5 mm maybe, they pack a lot of power. Neodymium magnets certainly are among the strongest commercially available magnets. Bear this in mind, when handling these magnets.


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