Neodymium Disc Magnet 14x7mm

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Neodymium disc magnet 14x7mm Grade N42 nickel plated

A high performance highly flexible magnet. The demand for Neodymium disc magnet 14×7 mm comes not only from its solid 14x7mm size. Together with the power of the N42 grading as well as an impressive 3+Kg Pull Force. Whether for personal projects or use in such industries as Engineering, this magnet is in demand by many.

Due to its intense pull force  this magnet is widely used in mechanical applications such as Cabinetry as an example. More general applications include Engineering, Electronics, Arts and crafts, DIY and  home usage not to mention an enormous scope of potential in factories and warehouses.

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Axial Magnetization
Neodymium Rod Magnet

Magnet Type Neodymium
Grade N42
Shape Disc
Diameter 14mm
Height 7mm
Direction of Magnetization Axial (Parallel To Height)
Coating Nickel Plated
Pull Force Magnet to a Steel Plate
Pull Force Magnet Between Two Steel Plates
Pull Force Magnet To Magnet
Weight Approx 7g
Maximum Working Temperature 80°C
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Neodymium disc magnet 14x7mm  Grade N42 nickel plated

Our  Neodymium disc magnet 13×3.4mm is most definitely one of our most sought after magnets because of its all round attraction.
This magnets size is very appealing, not to mention the strength that comes with it. Applications include Arts and crafts, DIY, Engineering, Electronics, in addition home usage not to mention endless functions in factories and warehouses.

As can be seen, this magnet lends itself well to a number of various applications. The following are just a few ideas of where the neodymium disc magnet 14x7mm can be utilised:

  • Photo Frames
  • Model Building
  • Carpentry

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Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion System

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