Neodymium Disc Magnet 18x2mm

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Neodymium disc magnet 18x2mm Grade N42 nickel plated

The demand for Neodymium disc magnet 18×2 mm is due surprisingly to the many different areas of application this particular magnet can be used. With a decent pull force of 2+Kg, depending on how the magnet is placed – this magnet offers strength without being too difficult to work with.

You can use these neodymium magnets to hang your artwork on your fridge or any magnetic surface. Make the fridge magnets the project!
Use clay or paper maché to create your piece. Once dried, painted, decorated and sealed, attach your magnet using the right glue and voilà, you have made your very own personalised magnet!

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Axial Magnetization
Neodymium Rod Magnet


Magnet Type Neodymium
Grade N42
Shape Disc
Diameter 18mm
Height 2mm
Direction of Magnetization Axial (Parallel To Height)
Coating Nickel Plated
Pull Force Magnet to a Steel Plate
Pull Force Magnet Between Two Steel Plates
Pull Force Magnet To Magnet
Weight Approx 4g
Maximum Working Temperature 80°C
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Neodymium disc magnet 18x2mm  Grade N42 nickel plated

Owing to the versatility of our Neodymium disc magnet 18x2mm, firstly in DIY, this particular magnet allows for many diverse uses.  Secondly, widely used among seamstresses and in sewing, especially in the textile industry.

Furthermore, easily adaptable for many different craft projects. This magnet provides firm holding power without being too tricky to work with.

Overall an impressive magnet with many ways to be used.The following are just a few ideas of where the neodymium disc magnet 15x10mm can be utilised:

  • Dress Making
  • Signage
  • Crafts : Together with 4 of these magnets you can, for example, place them on a light photo frame for any magnetic surface – No holes!


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