Neodymium Rod Magnet 8x25mm

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You can buy strong neodymium rod magnets in different heights and diameters.
Neodymium 8x25mm rod magnet  is one of our most popular sizes due to its great versatility. Even small magnets achieve a very high adhesive force but can be easily separated by hand thanks to their narrow shape.

  • Where is the strongest spot on a Neodymium 8x25mm rod magnet?
    The adhesive force of any magnet is the strongest at their poles. An axially magnetised rod is strongest at its ends because the magnetic field lines are most concentrated there. A rod magnet has practically no magnetisation in the middle.

 It can be applied in many different ways: from household appliances to industrial machinery.

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Neodymium Rod Magnets 8x25mm Technical Data

Axial Magnetization
Neodymium Rod Magnet
Magnet Type Neodymium
Grade N42
Shape Rod / Cylinder
Diameter 8mm
Height 25mm
Direction of Magnetisation Axial (Parallel To Height)
Coating Nickel Plated
Pull Force –  Magnet to a Steel Plate
– Magnet Between Two Steel Plates
– Magnet To Magnet
Weight Approx 10g
Maximum Working Temperature 80°C
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Mechanical Information Neoydmium Rod Magnet 8X25mm

Neo magnets are 3rd generation rare earth magnets which are simply the most commercially advanced and powerful magnets in the market today.

  • Neodymium rod magnets are strong, versatile rare-earth magnets that are cylindrical in shape.
  • Because their magnetic length is longer than their diameter, our Neodymium rod magnets have very high levels of magnetism for a small surface pole area
  • Built for demanding applications where high levels of magnetism are required.
  • These small cylinders are interesting to use with larger magnets.
  • These small rods will align themselves with the magnetic field lines of larger magnets.

Applications for Rod & Cylinder Magnets

Neodymium rod and cylinder magnets are useful for a variety of applications.
Would you like to execute experiments around the topic of magnetism in school or at the university? Then, long rod magnets are the right choice. They work well if you want to make magnetic field lines visible with iron filings – a classic among physics experiments

  • Neodymium rod magnets are also suitable to countersink boreholes, which allows for several objects to be combined magnetically or to create magnetic clasps for jewellery, wooden boxes.
  • As well as high performance motors to rotary machinery, medical devices and sensors.

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