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Flexible Magnetic Segments offer the remarkable ability to make almost anything magnetic


Flexible Magnetic Segments offer the remarkable ability to make almost anything magnetic, whether you’re illustrating workflows in a corporate setting, creating a magnetic feature wall at home, or displaying students’ work in a classroom. These segments effortlessly create a permanent visible feature, with quick and easy application and removal—no nails or fixing required. Pre-cut and adhesive, they peel off easily and adhere to menus, photos, reports, and more.

Maintaining their magnetic properties for years, Flexible Magnetic Segments are crafted from a blend of ferrite magnet powder and plastic or synthetic rubber (CPE), ensuring excellent durability and versatility. Magnetized on one side and available in various thicknesses, they can be laminated onto non-magnetic surfaces or used directly on magnetic surfaces. Their flexibility allows for easy cutting, slitting, punching, folding, and twisting without compromising their magnetic properties, offering endless possibilities for applications.

Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Segments can be easily cut into various shapes and sizes using tools like a sharp Stanley Cutter, scissors, or a digital cutter. Their main advantages include versatility, peel-and-stick convenience, ease of use, durability, and the ability to be moved, removed, and rotated.

Available in different thicknesses and sizes, Flexible Magnetic Segments cater to a wide range of needs and preferences. They find applications in advertising signs, promotional materials, business cards, company workflows, photographs, educational tools, calendars, cabinet closures, arts and crafts, watches, automotive components, motors, and more.

At Magnet Shop, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer only superior-quality magnets. Browse our selection or contact us at 072 093 1626 for inquiries or specific product requests.

With their ease of use, countless applications, and instant attraction, Flexible Magnetic Segments deliver exceptional value for your investment.

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40 x 20mm, Pole A/B


.4mm, .5mm, .8mm, .75mm

Pcs per Sheet

100 segments, 40 segment strips x 380mm


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